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Hi, I’m Haifa. Author, Speaker, Life Strategist and Human as seen on the BBC news sharing the Love in Lock down story of my client going from Swipe to Engagement with success. Backed by 15 years’ experience and coaching certifications, I’m on on a relentless mission to help the world reduce the loneliness and unhappiness statistics down one person, book, event, workshop and programme at a time. 


Pandemic or not, the unhappiness & loneliness statistics continue to rise, impacting personal wellbeing. This deeply bothers me because not only was I one of those people in that statistic, I know it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve learned and believe that everything in life is a strategy & we need to help the collective learn how to navigate living in our ever-evolving world healthily.


It all started the day I woke up in my NYC apartment feeling physically alive on the outside yet like I had died on the inside. Unhappy, despite projecting to the world that life was peachy. No sooner did I learn the root cause, I learned that 57% of other millennials (& others) felt the same. On one hand relieved, on the other, sad for the world. Vowed to use the skills gained over the last 15 years changing behaviours in health for health businesses, along with specific study in life, relationships, needs, motivations to fuel a mission to apply it to life wellness, self-health & bring those statistics down in any way possible. 


After my transformation, researching & designing a dating app, coaching men & women across London, NYC & LA, writing dating strategies, life strategies and inner boosts. Strategies for the full life were created & applied by people with great success. Personal wellness, happiness, motivation & love.


I started The Boost Transformation Range with the sole purpose of creating one space where anyone in the world can go to anytime to learn the strategies for a life uplifted on demand, because it’s at those times when people are alone they need them instantly. Through coaching and the soon to launch Boost App everything will be available to you in the way in which you choose to grow.


We all need: goals, relationships, self-confidence, and we need to take care of our self needs on the daily, all of them, in an integrated way and one without the other doesn’t have the positive impact we all want, and need! 



Life strategy is a living act that we must master for our wellbeing. 

You can have a career you love and other passions to explore. You can have this and a loving, healthy happy relationship. You can maintain both a healthy relationship with yourself and your life partner. You can also continue to grow your life and evolve as that is the art of living well.  To do that, you need life strategy.


Dear reader, anything you want is possible. Keep dreaming, learnings, growing, and loving both yourself and those special humans in your life. They are the integrated ingredients that feed your fulfilment.

Whether you’re looking to boost your dating game, life game, career game, or learn what self-care really is, how to do it, or completely change your life, my promise to you in this: 


Your experience will be filled with care, motivation and the strategies to live a life uplifted. 


I hope you enjoy it all,


Haifa x

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